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Matchmaking Therapy

Matchmaking Therapy

The novella that starts it all—a prequel to the Jane Austen Vacation Club series.


I finally did it. I’m the lead role in the play, and I’m graduating from college tomorrow.


But my boyfriend just went off script, and he’s proposing to the wrong girl.


Now I’m not sure what to do after college, since we planned everything together. Everything except his wedding to my traitorous friend.


Lucky my dad is here to save the day. He’s got plenty of money to throw at the problem.


The problem is that no one seems to have a Regency-era estate for sale in Boulder, Colorado, no matter how much money I have.


And I told my scummy ex and his fiancée that I’d host a party for them at my new property in two days. I fully intend to show them up, but I have to find a place to buy first. No biggie, right?


A behind-the-scenes glimpse at the people who run Hartfield Resort in Loveland, Colorado. Get to know how it all began!

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