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An Engaged Grand Tour

An Engaged Grand Tour

She’s engaged to his brother, but he can’t help falling in love anyway.


Mining heiress Lucy Maldon is used to getting what she wants. So when her fiancé leaves for a Grand Tour without her, she’s determined to track him down and make him fall in love with her.


Her childhood friend, Peter Chelmsford, lives in his brother’s shadow. When he graduates from Cambridge, his brother decides to go on Grand Tour with Peter and leave his bride-to-be behind. Now it’s up to Peter to keep Lucy away from his brother while Walter woos another woman. But can Peter keep Lucy safe and protect his own heart at the same time?


And can she ever forgive him for breaking her heart and stealing it at the same time?

it’s up to Peter to keep Lucy away from his brother.


A stand-alone novel, or you can enjoy it as part of the Victorian Grand Tour series.

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