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An Unintended Engagement

An Unintended Engagement

The Duke and Duchess of Woodford are hosting a house party at a hunting lodge in Versailles—and you’re invited. So are his undersecretaries, Lord Yelverton and Mr. Rushworth, and this is an invitation they can’t refuse.

Even though both of them desperately want to avoid the guests.


Yelverton hasn’t forgotten the woman who refused his first proposal. He’s no longer the eager young puppy who fell in love with every woman in London. He’s devoted himself to his work as an ambassador in Paris.


When Lady Agatha arrives in Versailles with her friend, Mrs. Phillips, she hardly recognizes the man she once knew. He’s the complete opposite of everything she expected. Mature, thoughtful, serious, and as handsome as ever.


But the grudge he holds against her runs as deep and intense as the resentment Isabella Phillips feels for Mr. Rushworth, who spurned her years ago.


Rushworth did not dare stand up to his father and marry the woman he loved, and Isabella has never forgiven him. Now she’s widowed with a young child, burdened with the care of an estate, and she has no inclination to forgive the man who deemed her unworthy so long ago.


Is there room in the cramped hunting lodge for a second chance at romance? With a meddling Duchess busy at matchmaking, a Duke determined to help his hapless undersecretaries, a toddling baby, an oversized Great Dane and her litter of pups, and a whole host of misunderstandings, it will be a very, very long two weeks.


With the tables turned and the spurners turned to pursuers, it will also be the trip of a lifetime.


A stand-alone novel, or you can enjoy it as part of the Victorian Grand Tour series.

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