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A Disorderly Grand Tour

A Disorderly Grand Tour

She’s sworn she’ll never marry him. He’s sworn to change her mind.


Rachel Wickford has vowed to devote her life to nursing, like her heroine, Florence Nightingale. She’d rather avoid the heartache of love, but it’s hard to evade the man who’s already head over heels for her.


Colonel Curtis Loughton needs experienced nurses to help start Miss Nightingale’s training program in London, but he needs a wife even more. He’s willing’s to wage war to win his true love’s hand in marriage, but he’s never encountered opposition like this before. It will take all his ingenuity and grit to prove his love is constant.


In a battle of wits, with a determined campaign on one side and underhanded insubordination on the other, can anyone claim victory, or will their hearts be the casualties?


A stand-alone novel, or you can enjoy it as part of the Victorian Grand Tour series.

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